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Ready for Summer Fun?!

We are!

Summer is the perfect time to explore different activities and develop new passions! While we usually are busy gearing up to offer several weeks of summer camps in-person, the universe had other plans for us as the location we typically use is not available this summer. So, we do as communication artists often do when something doesn't go as planned; we PIVOT! We are excited to be offering a few virtual options, which allow the flexibility of taking classes from anywhere around the world!

Our Intro to Comm Arts with Ms. Yasmin introduces students to the audition process for communication arts. Students will meet Mondays and Wednesdays from June 5- June 12 from 11am- 12pm and focus on different aspects of public speaking, creative writing, and media analysis. Ms. Yasmin has extensive experience in prepping students in communication arts as a member of the Comm Arts team for the past five years and an alumna of Bak and Dreyfoos. She started as a volunteer instructor and has worked her way up to being the assistant camp director. We are so grateful for her positive energy and patience.

Ms. Ruby is returning with another session of Creative Writing for students in grades 3-5. We are so lucky to have her share her passion and experiences as a Bak, Dreyfoos, and Stetson alumna while she is currently a creative writing grad student at Hollins University. There's nothing like learning from a REAL writer. The course consists of 8 weeks with a focus on developing stories, including character development, setting, plot, and working with dialogue. Students will create fables, myths, poetry, narratives, and more on Mondays 5:30-6:30 pm from June 5- July 24.

Our summers wouldn't be the same without a focus on building critical debating skills. We are thrilled to welcome back the BRILLIANT mind of Dreyfoos junior (almost senior), Arik Karim. As an accomplished debater, Arik brings his knowledge, experience, and techniques to successfully develop the next generation of debaters. Our debate camp is perfect for students new to debate as well as award-winning seasoned competitors. Throughout the five days of June 5- 9 from 9 am to 12 pm, students in grades 6-9 will be taught how to strengthen their arguments and approach multiple debate events in order to prepare them for a rewarding year of middle school and novice debate.

Summer registration is now open! We can't wait to dive in!

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