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Welcome message from Elizabeth Bornia

We are so happy to welcome new families to Communication Arts Academy. It seems like once a student joins us, they stay forever growing from little fifth graders auditioning for middle school into 8th graders preparing for high school. Some students move up to becoming interns, instructors, and even assistant camp directors.

One of our greatest privileges is getting to be a part of so many important moments in your student's life. We fully understand the weight of making the choice of who to trust your child's future with; it's a BIG deal.

A little bit about myself, I am an active teacher with certifications in Elementary Education, Drama, and Middle Grades English. As an alumna of Alexander W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts (‘98) in communications arts, I successfully competed in speech and debate locally and nationally throughout high school. My passion for teaching led me to become a 6th language arts teacher from 2003-2008. Eventually, I came full circle when I accepted the position as a middle school speech and debate teacher. I was honored to be named the inaugural Middle School Coach of the Year by the National Speech and Debate Association in 2015. My dedication to my family (three daughters and my middle school sweetheart husband) guided me to work closer to home in the same school with my daughters as the drama teacher from 2016- 2020, and I recently followed two of them up to middle school where I teach arts exploration and creative writing.

When I started Communication Arts Academy in 2016, I saw the chance to give kids like me an opportunity to find their voices and express themselves. Communication arts is more than just an audition- it is a way for some kids to finally feel seen. THIS is their ART.

So, if you are wondering if your kid will fit in, ask yourself: Are they the shy kid in the back of the class? Are they the eager kid in the front row? Are they a bookworm or Netflix obsessed? Are they somewhere in between? If you answered yes to any of the questions, then know that they will fit right in. Each of these kids have a story to tell and communication arts offers a variety of ways to share them.

We hope you will enjoy being a part of our forever family as much as we love having you.

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